Matching guide

Your matching guide or lookbook, specially created for you, allows you to know in a blink of an eye how to mix and match your clothes. It’s the ideal tool for those looking to simplify their life and look impeccable under all circumstances. From $320* for 2 hours.

With your matching guide, which is tailored to your wardrobe and unique personality, you’ll know instantly how to match your clothes in a way that flatters your silhouette. My role is to create a simple, concise and complete guide that will accompany you with your fashion choices for any occasion.

*Travel costs may be considered depending on the region. Applicable taxes are charged for all service. Creation of looks based on your clothes, list of recommendations and in-home visit.

image du service Matching guide

“I use my matching guide practically every day! The looks Ysabelle created work perfectly every time!”

- Katia F.M., Director of Communications