Wardrobe analysis

The wardrobe analysis is the very first step towards creating your unique style. It’s a liberating process that allows you to sort your clothes, breathe life into your most beautiful pieces and identify what you need. From $320* for 2 hours.

To take your wardrobe to a superior level, an inventory must first be taken. We will analyze each piece together. Some of them will be photographed, then organized into your personalized file to provide a visual reference that will prove very useful during our private shopping sessions. This way, we can properly match the clothes you already have with your new acquisitions.

I will get to know you closely during this intimate connexion process. After the session, I will create a list of recommendations and purchasing suggestions that suit your unique needs and personality.

*File opening, in-home visit, complete wardrobe analysis. Travel costs may be considered depending on the region. Applicable taxes are charged for all service.

image du service Wardrobe analysis

“The analysis of my wardrobe literally saved my life! I was drowning under outdated, unworn clothing. Ysabelle helped me revamp its content. Now, I only have pieces that I love and that truly fit me!”

- Anna C., Director of Operations